Hydraulic presses can be used in different ways in the automation systems and combined with specific tools are able to produce complex components. Therefore, in qualified hydraulic presses, high-quality components and control parameters, such as pressure, compression, etc., should be used.

Hydraulic presses are varied in terms of type and technical specifications. This variety in hydraulic structures and systems, as well as automation and technical specifications such as appearance, table dimensions, force, speed, success and performance, cause the structure of hydraulic presses in different models and applications .Hydraulic presses are used extensively in most industries, especially the car industry, home appliances, backlit rubber, and ceramic tiles. In presses, main idea is Pascal law states that pressure (P) in a limited fluid is due to a force (F1) on its cross-section (A1) can create a force (F2) at the cross-section (A2) . (F2 = F1 (A2 / A1). This is the general hydraulic rule that is applicable in the presses systems, too. Reconstruction and modernization of all hydraulic presses up to 5,000 tones is carried out by Saman Sanat Pouya Company.

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