Directional control, flow control and pressure control Cartridge valves in any sizes can be repaired by Saman Sanat Pouya Company.


Directional control Cartridge valves are simple but important components of the hydraulic systems. In simple terms, these valves are used to keep the fluid flow constant. These valves allow the free movement of the fluid in one direction and prevent its movement in the opposite direction. In solenoid type of Cartridge valves, the direction of the oil opens or closes by activating the solenoid. The proper position of the valve in the suitable place leads to the proper performance of the system.button 1


Cartridge flow control valve is usually used to control the speed and acceleration of the operator or to reduce the flow in order to use in other parts of the circuit. Cartridge valves are frameless valves which are made in two types of screws and montage. Montage type is located in the place by a cap. In-transit control valve is usually placed on the front or after the operator, and with the oil flow from the valves and the pipe, the flow of fluid flows through the cross section, and goes to the valve. Hear the flow is reduced and the entire stream is not able to pass through it. Therefore, the flow of input to the operator is controlled.button 1


This type of valve is cartridge valve or frameless valve which can be set to control the pressure line. This valve is used naturally as a limiter pressure device in the hydraulic circuit or as a limiter maximum pressure (acting on the actuator's movement). In order to select the correct type of pressure control valve for specific applications as well as to adjust the pressure for optimum performance, it should be noted that in most direct pressure drives there is a significant difference between the breaking pressure and the flow pressure.button 1


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