All hydraulic mobile services from loader, excavator, dumper trailer, shovel and other machines include consulting, supply and rebuilding is possible in Saman-e Pouya Company.


Dump truck is the largest and most gigantic road machine. Consumption of dump truck mostly is in mines. This gigantic machine can carry between 80 and 300 tons of cargo. Most of this machines are used in mines to transport sand dumps.button 1

In mobile hydraulic, various control systems are available: open center (OC), positive control (PC), independent load current sharing (LUDV), loading (LS) The hydraulic control system of the loader adjusts the fluid flow in the hydraulic system. In this system, the valves have the main responsibility of transmission and guidance. The controller's loader control from stimulation point of view is divided into several categories: electric, mechanical, lever and fluid pressure. All hydraulic services from controller and pump to operator are carried out in Saman Sanat Pouya Company.button 1


A crane is a device that with a few control moves lifts the load in a vertical direction. Cranes are in many different types. These include truck cranes or overhead cranes used in warehouses or crates, or large cranes, which are called braces, also referred to as tower cranes.button 1


Saman Sanat Pouya Company is ready to provide all hydraulic services for drilling machines and to-drive machines in the shortest possible time.button 1

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