Various technical and engineering services includeing: welding, bricklaying, precision machining, special parts manufacturing, reverse engineering, design, cartography, automation, circuit design, hydraulic design and mechanization are done in Saman Sanat Pouya Company.


Brazing welding refers to a process in which steel parts are bonded by blister or brass fittings. The equipment used for this process is the same as ordinary bricks, with the difference that it requires welding at a boiling point. It is usually supplied by burning acetylene gas. Since there is no capillary motion, this name has given to this process.button 1


The necessity of producing specific and high quality parts in hydraulic valves manufacture, made us to upgrade our machining line in order to create a variety of complex and special components. Trough applying update universal technology and using experienced professionals, in addition to ability to meet our needs, we can provide the orders of other company’s necessities.button 1


Reverse engineering is one of the ways in which companies accelerate their product development process by using it. This method in developing countries, such as Iran, which is far behind advanced countries in designing product and technology, is a response to increasing the ability to design and accelerate the process of development.button 1


Industrial automation refers to the use of computers instead of human operators to control industrial devices and processes. Automation is a step beyond mechanization. Mechanizing means providing human servants with tools and devices that help them do their jobs. The most well-known and prominent part of industrial automation is industrial robots.button 1


A simple hydraulic circuit includes an actuator (jack-cylinder), a steering valve and a simple power pack that includes: a pump, an electro-motor, a pressure switch, and so on. To design this circuit, we should follow these steps:

First, we must estimate or calculate the required force that is supposed to be produced by the jack (according to the use of the jack)button 1

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