All hydraulic equipment used in various industries, which can be repaired or rebuild, is possible to be repaired or rebuilt by experts of Saman Sanat Pouya Company.


Cylinders and hydraulic jacks are damaged due to excessive pressure, excessive lateral press, external entered particles, and so on. All jacks and cylinder repair services such as repairing all imperfections including scratches and corrosion in the cylinder tube, bumped piston, changing the types of flood and packs to improve the jack performance, the complete grinding of the cylinder and various tests to ensure the correct operation of jacks can be done in Saman Sanat Pouya Company.button 1


The accumulator is one of the main components of the hydraulic system, whose main function is to smooth the flow and prevent the impact on the circuit. All testing, troubleshooting, repair and accumulator charging services are carried out by Saman Sanat Pouya Company.button 1

Three major problem sign of the hydraulic systems which are easily identifiable are: unusual sounds, high temperature hydraulic fluid, and slow response in hydraulic system. Design, troubleshooting, overhaul, construction and implementation of a variety of hydraulic lines including machinery and production lines including hydraulic presses, waste crushers equipment, plastic injection machines, sheet rolling lines, die-casting machines, guillotine sheets, benders and ... can be done by the experts of Saman-e Pouya Company.button 1


Hydraulic valves often suffer from internal leakage and inefficiency due to their high pressure, corrosion and wear. Replacing and repairing spools and slices of these valves is a very cheap and affordable effective way done by Saman Sanat Pouya Company experts.

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