SSPhydraulics Academy has expertise in conducting training courses and holding technical seminars. SSPhydraulics enjoys access to vast resources of unique technical knowledge and twenty years of experience in production and repair of various hydraulic valves, especially servo and proportional valves. Utilizing Modern teaching content and competent trainers, SSPhydraulics is ready to offer specialized industrial hydraulic courses at companies and factories throughout Iran as well as special courses for seasonal applicants in SSPhydraulics training center. At the end of the course, participants receive SSPhydraulics degree certificate. To apply for a course, individuals and companies either can fill enrolment form on the website or they can contact SSPhydraulics.

  • All courses are based on the following topics.
  • Time of training courses is generally considered one-day for companies and four-day for seasonal individual courses.
  • The training will be both theoretical and practice-based using Hydraulic Circuit Simulator software.
  • Courses will be held at factories, universities, applied technical and scientific centers throughout Iran.  
  • SSPhydraulics has the possibility of conducting tailor-made hydraulic courses according to the customers’ needs and demands. In such cases, after receiving maps and technical information, the content of the course will be designed and announced.
  • All expenses regarding transportation, accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner of the trainers will be bearded by the customer.
  • To maintain the quality of the courses high, the number of participants in seasonal individual courses has been specified, up to 9 people.