All pneumatic equipment used in various industries, which can be repaired, is able to be repaired by experts of Saman-e Pouya Company.

The pneumatic base is like hydraulic, but the pneumatic uses gas instead of the liquid. Generally, pneumatic uses compressed air, but nitrogen or other similar gases can be used for specific conditions. With pneumatic, the air inside a receiver is received through a compressor. Although pneumatic systems operate at lower pressures than hydraulic systems, they are used in many industries due to their many advantages. Sine, the hydraulic pressure is lower, the components can be made of lighter and thinner materials.button 1

The operation of the directional pneumatic valve is that the working order is transmitted by electric current or lever to the valve. Within the chamber there is a spool with two washers and two springs on both ends. Due to electric or lever stimulation, the spool position changes and depending on the position, it causes the flow or interruption of the air.button 1

The pneumatic cylinder consists of a body or shell, a piston, a packing, and fittings, which can be chosen according to the type of installation and the use of it. Pneumatic cylinder: pneumatic cylinder operates by wind force, has linear movement and generated in different pressures and diameters.button 1