High price of proportional and servo valves, lack or specificity of special valves in Iran, has led into repairing and testing professional and servo valves. Using valve testing machine, SSPhydraulics manages to fix different servo, proportional and special valves in various models and provides the customers with test report and six-months guarantee. Major problems of proportional valves arises from mechanical and electronic defects. After elimination of mechanical and electronic defects (LVDT - electronic board, etc.) servo and proportional valves are tested. To ensure secure and perfect performance, fixed equipment undergoes all relevant tests including leak test, pressure test, flow control test, hysteresis test, vibration test, temperature test, opening percentage and....

Bosch Rexroth is one of the most powerful companies in hydraulic industry. Bosch proportional and servo valves, utilized widely in hydraulic machines and their vast applications, operates in many hydraulic systems. SSPhydraulics enjoying profound knowledge obtained through considerable practice of proportional and servo valves in concise machines, trusting its electro-hydraulic engineering team, troubleshoots deficiency of these equipment and announces the results to the customers. On the condition that repairs are possible, we deliver fixed components to the customer and provide six-months guarantee for repaired product.button 1

Moog is another powerful company in hydraulics. Moog proportional and servo valves widely used in hydraulic equipment and their extensive operations are produced and applied at many hydraulic systems and circuits. SSPhydraulics benefiting from profound technical knowledge obtained through practical use of proportional and servo valves in sophisticated machines and with trusting it's mechanical team, troubleshoots and announces valves failure causes to the customer. Provided that repairs are possible, we deliver fixed components to customer and offer six-months guarantee for repaired product.button 1

Eaton-Vickers Hydraulic Company supports and supplies a wide range of hydraulic valves, pumps together with other hydraulic components to industrial and mobile manufacturing. As well as the outstanding quality of Eaton-Vickers products, another important merit for this company products is the wide range of components and their applications for almost any industry and factory. It combines five key companies to become world's most powerful pole in the world.button 1


Valves technical application prominence, coding systems abundance as well as points such as delivery time and high costs associated with new valves supply along with other reasons sometimes makes repairing the best option for servo and proportional valves. Of course, this is true not only about Iran industry and hydraulic market but also about many other countries that are dealing with similar situations. To build trust and ensure customers, SSPhydraulics offers six-months guarantee on repaired products. button 1