Conditions for Holding Courses

 Course time: Time of companies’ one-day courses are announced after completing the application form on website: consequently, reviewing the request and coordinating with trainers according to the priority of customers’ declared timing. The time of the special applicants’ courses will be determined for each season respecting companies’ announced program.

Course duration: Generally, duration of the companies’ courses is considered one-day. However, it is possible to form two or three-day’s programs. Courses for individuals will be four-days, usually two successive Thursdays and Fridays.

Course fees: Course tuition are expressed by two general classifications that is courses for companies and courses for individuals. Costs of companies’ courses are independent of participant numbers. If sessions are held two or three days, 50% of the base amount will be added. For example, if the one-day fee is 20,000,0000 IRR, respectively the cost of the two-day and three-day instructions will be 30,000,000 and 40,000,000 IRR.

Accommodation and commuting costs: The accommodation and commuting costs (by plane/ by land) of companies’ courses are bearded by prescriber in other words the company who applied for the training. There is no accommodation available for seasonal students. Catering and lunch costs are to be paid by companies who applied for education.

Payment method: It is necessary to pay the total fee intuition prior to class conduction.

Course certificate: Participants receive SSPhydraulics certificate of attendance.

Course place: Training sessions can be held at company/factory/individual place or at the SSPhydraulics Academy according to the request of the company/ factory/ applicant.

Course content: The content of each course is presented on its profile page. However, it is possible to determine headings according to the customer’s requirements (for this, after applying for instruction, coordination takes place with SSPhydraulics Academy).

Specific terms: SSPhydraulics has remarkable offers for its special customers. To get information about discounts and benefits, please contact us.

  • Academic Association of authorized Universities.
  • Special Members of SSPhydraulics Forum.
  • Associate companies and specific customers of our products and services.