Hydraulic jack is a device in which a pressure applied to the oil contained in a small cylinder. This pressure transfer the incompressible oil to a larger cylinder. The oil pushes the piston in the larger cylinder which causes the load to rise on the cylinder (for example a machine).  The working mechanism of crane machines, etc., is also such that which in contrast with the simple process, does a lot of work with high efficiency. In the building of hydraulic jacks, the main idea is the fact that oil is almost incompressible and conveys the pressed pressure. So, the pressure on the small piston is transmitted equally to the larger piston and pushes it upward.

Cylinders and hydraulic jacks are damaged due to excessive pressure, excessive lateral press, external entered particles, and so on. All jacks and cylinder repair services such as repairing all imperfections including scratches and corrosion in the cylinder tube, bumped piston, changing the types of flood and packs to improve the jack performance, the complete grinding of the cylinder and various tests to ensure the correct operation of jacks can be done in Saman Sanat Pouya Company.