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The pneumatic valve is one of the components responsible for controlling the pressure, speed and amount of air that moves in the pneumatic system. Pneumatic systems (which are dependent on compressed air for power transmission) can be found in numerous industrial applications. Many functional pneumatic control valves are classified according to the number of inputs and outputs, the number of paths that they make and the mechanism by which ports are opened and closed. The pressure relief valve compares and controls its inlet pressure with atmospheric pressure. Drain valves are usually used in a receiver or air storage device as a means to prevent excessive pressure. For this reason, drainage valves are often called safety valves.

 The operation of the directional pneumatic valve is that the working order is transmitted by electric current or lever to the valve. Within the chamber there is a spool with two washers and two springs on both ends. Due to electric or lever stimulation, the spool position changes and depending on the position, it causes the flow or interruption of the air. Repairing and reforming of all parts of pneumatic valves and testing and validation of the correct operation of the valves with a 6-month warranty is carried out by Saman Sanat Pouya Company.

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