Hydraulic units are the main part of hydraulic systems. These units mainly consisted of a motor, a reservoir and a hydraulic pump, and they can provide a great power to launch any kind of hydraulic consumer. Hydraulic units are based on Pascal's law and their strength is due to the ratio of area and pressure. Hydraulic units have widely uses including: automation machinery, processing machinery, mobile hydraulic equipment, aerospace laboratory equipment, road construction machinery, material preparation equipment for agriculture, paper machines, Oil field, Oil spill equipment, Industrial process, Marine equipment, Construction equipment, and Equipment production.

The main components of the hydraulic systems and units are:

- Pumps and motors

- Hydraulic Cylinders

- Valves and suckers

- Hydraulic circuit components (such as hydraulic oil storage tanks, filter systems, pressure vessels, etc.)

- Dike, gaskets

- Hydraulic oil

Three major problem sign of the hydraulic systems which are easily identifiable are: unusual sounds, high temperature hydraulic fluid, and slow response in hydraulic system. Design, troubleshooting, overhaul, construction and implementation of a variety of hydraulic lines including machinery and production lines including hydraulic presses, waste crushers equipment, plastic injection machines, sheet rolling lines, die-casting machines, guillotine sheets, benders and ... can be done by the experts of Saman-e Pouya Company.


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